After the Funeral

Headstone Memorials

After the funeral, you may wish to place a memorial in the cemetery or churchyard. These can range from traditional headstones, garden kerbs, full kerb surrounds, cover slabs, plinths, vases and plaques

Following a burial, it may take a number of months before the ground is suitable to place a memorial. During this time, you will have the opportunity to choose a lasting memorial for your loved one, either from our showroom, detailed colour brochure or a bespoke designed memorial with our stone mason.

Our experienced Stone Mason Department will be able to assist you with your selection and will advise about permitted materials, regulations, ornamentation and inscription examples.

If you require any further assistance or to view our full memorial range, please contact our Stonemason Department, or visit our memorial showrooms situated at both offices.



Headstone Lettering and Inscriptions

Choosing the wording and design for your loved one’s headstone is something you will want to take time to consider. We can guide and help you to choose something personal.

We offer various styles for your inscription, different fonts and different colours.

Headstone Designs

Our experienced craftsmen can customise your loved one’s headstone for a more personalised memorial.

For example, we could add ornamentation that reflects your loved one, their favourite flower, hobby, football logo.

Headstone Restoration

Our Stone Mason Department provide a restoration service including additional inscriptions, re-lettering, cleaning, removal and re-fixing with approved Namm fittings for existing memorials.

Cleaning and renovation can make a big impact on the appearance of old headstones - we can re-gild, re-paint and re-lead old memorials lettering.

If a loved one’s memorial has become unstable due to the age we can re-move the headstone drill the base and headstone and place dowels (approved Namm fittings) to secure.

If you would like us to renovate an existing memorial, please contact us so we can inspect the current memorial and provide an estimate for the work without obligation free detailed estimate for the work involved.

Our funeral services line is 24/7

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