Arranging a Funeral ~ First Steps

Visiting your loved one

Everyone deals with grief in a different way, and it’s entirely up to you whether or not you visit the deceased in our private chapels of rest. If you would like more information, It’s a decision that we are always very happy to discuss with you.

Many people who have suffered bereavement find comfort from spending some quiet time with their loved one and can be a helpful element of the grieving process.

Chapels of Rest

Our calming, tranquil, private Chapels of Rest cater for all denominations and faiths and offers family and friends time with their loved one.

You can personalise the room with photographs, possessions or keepsakes that remind you of their life. You are welcome to spend as much time with your loved one as you would like, and we will help to make your visit personal.

Our chapels are available during normal office hours or by appointment in the evening/weekends.

If you wish the deceased to come home prior to the funeral for family and friends to pay their respects, we can arrange this for you.

Hygienic Treatment

Hygienic treatment - embalming - preserves the natural appearance of your loved one. It is helpful for you to provide a recent photograph of the deceased to assist us with this preparation and ensure that relatives and friends have a comforting remembrance.


Our funeral services line is 24/7

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