Choosing a burial funeral service is very personal and may be affected by many factors including family tradition, religion or the wishes of the deceased. We explain everything you need to know about a burial funeral service.

Arranging a burial funeral service

If you have decided on a burial funeral service we will help you plan the service, check local regulations and the availability of a plot.

If you purchase a new grave, It may be possible to reserve or purchase a grave space next to the one to be used by your loved one.

If a grave already exists, perhaps as part of a family plot, then we can make the arrangements for this to happen - we will need the deeds of the grave and any other documents relating to the grave.

Choosing a grave for your loved one

If you choose a burial for the deceased you will need to think where this will be. There are a number of choices available to you:


Traditionally the place of burial for those living within a parish is the local churchyard. The deceased would need to be a parishioner of the church or on the church electoral roll at the time of death.

It’s important to know that the person responsible for paying the fees for a churchyard burial does not hold ownership of the grave, and there are therefore no grave deeds.

Local authority cemeteries

You may choose the burial to take place in a local authority cemetery. The provision and management of local authority cemeteries are regulated and covers issues including layout, repair, maintenance and access to the grave.

Private burial grounds

Privately owned burial grounds can be classified by three categories:

  • Cemeteries owned by commercial organisations or private companies which are operated in a similar way to local authority cemeteries.
  • Family estates private burial grounds such as country estates with burial grounds for family members.

Specific denominations or religions which are exclusively for members of their own community.

Woodland burial

Woodland burials are becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the environment. Set within the natural countryside woodland burial grounds offer a beautiful and unique alternative to a traditional cemetery.

Families can choose to bury or scatter the ashes of a loved one within the peaceful grounds or plant a natural memorial, such as a tree with a simple wooden or bronze plaque instead of a traditional headstone.

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