Choosing a cremation funeral service is very personal and may be influenced by many factors including tradition, religion or the wishes of the deceased. We explain everything you need to know about a cremation funeral service.

The Crematorium

A crematorium is the building where cremations take place. It’s the main alternative to holding a funeral in a church. The crematorium has space to hold its service and has a cemetery.

The Cremation Service

If you chose cremation for a loved one, you must first decide if you would like a service and where to hold it - cremations can be both religious or non-religious.

If you want a service this can be held at the crematorium and will last around 45 minutes, which will allow time for people to enter the chapel, hold the service and leave.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can hold a service in another place such as a church, followed by a shorter service called a committal at the crematorium.

You can arrange for your own minister to carry out the service or your we can help you find a suitable person.

The Committal

The end of the cremation service is known as the committal, whereby the coffin is hidden from view by curtains. If you would prefer the coffin to remain on view until everyone has left, we can arrange that for you.

When the service is over, we lead close family out of the chapel, followed by the other mourners. You can then look at the floral tributes and you will have time to thank people for coming.

After the Cremation

Once the cremation service has taken place, the next stage is for you to inform us of where you want us to lay the ashes to rest and choose a memorial for the deceased.

Typically this is in a crematorium garden of remembrance, family grave, churchyard or cemetery.

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